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  • We have recently made updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, in preparation for the EU’s new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  City of London College collects, uses and stores certain information connected to you in the course of providing services such as your access and use of the CLC website. On account of the same, CLC is required by law to obtain your informed consent for the collection, use, and storage of your information in the manner described in the CLC Privacy Policy available at https://www.clc-london.ac.uk/privacy-notice/

    Please note that:

    1. The information collected from you will only be used, transferred and stored for the purposes listed in the privacy policy;
    2. You have the option not to give your consent or to withdraw your consent once given to CLC with respect to the collection, storage, use and transfer of your personal information;
    3. If you do not give your consent or withdraw your consent once given, CLC may be required to stop providing Services to you;
    4. You have the right to review, modify or request deletion of your personal information by contacting the CLC data protection officer dpo@clc-london.ac.uk 
    5. If you have any concerns/ complaints regarding CLC’s collection, use, transfer or storage of your personal information or otherwise relating to your privacy, please contact the CLC data protection officer at dpo@clc-london.ac.uk

    If you understand and agree to the contents of the CLC Privacy Policy and this consent form, please indicate your consent in the checkboxes below:


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