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Access To Higher Education Diploma: Business Management

Course Overview

Access to Higher Education Diplomas are for people considering going to university who don’t have the ‘traditional’ entry qualifications. Completion of these courses enables progression to study at degree level.


Career Benefits

Many learners go on to study at Britain’s most prestigious universities. Many high-ranking Universities throughout the United Kingdom, including many Russell Group and 1994 Group universities are happy to accept Access to HE Diploma students and even Oxford and Cambridge have made offers to people doing the qualification who are clearly exceptional.

London institutions that are known to have accepted Access to HE diploma graduates include University College London (UCL), London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Brunel University, City University, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), London South Bank University, and of course the Open University. Also known to take Access to HE Diplomas onto their HE programs are the Exeter, the University of Birmingham, Manchester University, the University of Southampton, the University of Worcester.

For UCAS, the Access to HE Diploma is treated as equivalent in size to 3 A levels for calculation purposes. For example, 45 Access to HE credits at Distinction is considered as equivalent to 3 A grades at A level while 45 Access to HE credits at Pass is considered as equivalent to 3 E grades at A level. It is possible to generate points for any Access to HE grade profile achieved within the new specification, where 45 credits must be derived from graded level 3 units.

Course Module(s)

  • Mathematics Calculations
  • Examination Skills
  • Preparation for Higher Education
  • Writing Skills
  • Statistics
  • Business Planning
  • Economics
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • The Management Process – Decision Making
  • Research Project

Course Specifications

This specification presents the requirements for the achievement of the Access to Higher Education Diploma: Business Management accredited by Gateway Qualifications. It specifies the generic requirements stipulated by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) as well as additional stipulations for the achievement of this Diploma. to ensure consistency and transparency in the academic demand and standards of the Access to HE Diploma and equity for students in the ways it can be achieved referring to the QAA Recognition Scheme for Access to Higher Education document “The Access to HE Grading Scheme1” and the “AVA licensing criteria.2” Together they specify the key regulatory and quality assurance mechanisms through which standards are established and maintained in the Access to HE Diploma.

Qualification characteristics

The Access to HE Diploma is:

  • a unitised qualification, based on units of assessment which are structured in accordance with the Access to HE unit specification (AVA)
  • a credit-based qualification, operated in accordance with the terms of the Access to HE credit specification
  • a graded qualification, as determined by the Access to HE Grading Scheme
  • a level 3 qualification, regulated by QAA).

The specification for the achievement of the Access to HE Diploma: Business Management

The requirements for the Access to HE Diploma are that:

  1. the total credit achievement is 60 credits
  2. of these 60 credits, 45 credits must be achieved at level 3 from graded units which are concerned with academic subject content (here, 39 credits graded academic mandatory modules plus 6 credits graded research) and
  3. the remaining 15 credits must be achieved at level 2 or level 3 from units which are ungraded

Additional requirements for the achievement of a named Access to HE Diploma: Engineering Science and Maths

The particular requirements for a named Diploma, including the full set of units to be available to students (Annex B) and information about how these must or may be combined, are contained in rules of combination (see below). The set of units to be used, and the specific rules of combination for each named Diploma, are approved by Gateway Qualifications; a QAA approved Access Validating Agency (AVA) for the South East of England.

Rules of combination

The Access to HE Diploma: Business Management is constructed from a set of units that was approved by Gateway Qualifications as an approved AVA for use in this Diploma. They have a specified credit value and level.

Entry Requirements for Access to Higher Education Diploma: Business Management

1 – GCSE
Learners need to have GCSEs or completed Level 2 equivalent course in related subjects.
2 – Initial Assessment
All local learners will have to do a paper based BSKB initial assessment Maths and English tests.
3 – Interview
Interview all leaners and this will test their speaking and listening

Start Dates

23 September 2019 
06 January 2020

Tuition Fee



12 months (Sept start) 
06 months (Jan start)

Awarding Body

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