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Data Protection Statement

Data Protection Statement: Students


City of London College processes data about you for a variety of purposes, involving all aspects of the administration of your education and your welfare, associated financial matters, use of College facilities and for the purpose of equal opportunities monitoring. The College will use your contact details to keep you informed of events relevant to your studies and in emergencies e.g. building closures.

It is not possible to list all of the uses to which the College will put your personal data, nor to list all of the bodies with whom we might have to share your personal data. However, the following are examples of when the College will release data about you to third parties where we have a legitimate reason in connection with your time here at the College to use that data, or where the College is under a legal requirement to provide data.

  • We are required to pass some data to government education departments, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), and to representatives of these bodies such as auditors.
  • We will provide data on request to the police and other enforcement agencies in emergencies and where crime detection or prevention can be aided by its release, for example, responding to information requests from UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI).
  • We may be required to provide data to the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) or to other bodies acting on HEFCE’s behalf. One such example would be where the College is required to provide student contact details for the National Student Survey.
  • Students are required to provide details of their highest qualifications on entry to the College and this information is recorded on the College’s student database. The College and others (e.g. HEFCE) may check this information with the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) or other institutions to confirm the qualifications obtained.
  • Data may be released to third parties in relation to financial matters associated with your education. We are required to pass data about you to HESA and some of this data will be passed to other statutory bodies involved with the funding of education. Further information on how your Student Record may be used by HESA can be found at www.hesa.ac.uk/collection-notices. We will also provide data to the Student Loans Company and to your devolved Student Finance administration area. If necessary the College will also release data to parties involved in the recovery of debts to the College.
  • The College provides student details to Councils for the purpose of confirming eligibility for council tax exemption, and so that students can be invited to register to vote in local and central Government elections as a UK resident.
  • Data may also be released to third party organisations that host College data e.g. our validated Universities, our awarding bodies or the HMRC. This is not an exhaustive list. Each instance of data sharing/hosting is covered by contractual arrangements.
  • The College uses the TurnitinUK© anti-plagiarism software that could involve some personal data being released to other HE institutions for comparison purposes.
  • Where students are enrolled on courses which are accredited by professional bodies, some identifying data may be passed to the appropriate professional body in order for students to be registered with that professional body.
  • Where students are sponsored by, for example, their employer or embassy or the NHS, the College will provide details of attendance and attainment to the sponsor on request.
  • The College will also use your contact details to keep you informed of initiatives relating to your time at the College e.g. careers services or postgraduate studies. If you do not wish to receive these communications (emails or text messages) please contact the College’s Data Protection Officer – contact details are given at the end of this Statement.

The College will not release data to any unauthorised third person except where you ask us to. This means that we will not release data to banks, friends, relatives (including parents), etc., without your agreement. If you wish us to provide data in these circumstances you should provide us with written consent to release the data.

It is your responsibility to inform us as soon as possible if any data we hold about you requires updating. We will provide an annual opportunity for you to check your data through the registration process. We also collect, at registration, the contact details of a person nominated by you for emergency contact purposes. You must notify them that we are holding this data which will only be used in an emergency.

We will retain your full student record for six years after you have left the College so that we can fulfil our function of recording details of the awards we make, and provide details of your education and references when asked to do so. (After these six years we will retain transcript data in order to confirm details of your award.)

You are entitled to request a copy of the data we hold about you. You are also entitled to raise an objection where the processing of data we hold about you is likely to cause you damage or distress.

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