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Student Code of Conduct

In general, you must not behave in any way that disrupts or adversely affects the conduct or reputation of the College.  Such conduct includes:
  • Violent, threatening, offensive or reckless behaviour
  • Fraud or deception
  • Damage to College property
  • Breach of the Code of Conduct relating to Meetings on College Premises, (freedom of speech).
  • Conduct which constitutes a criminal offence where that conduct takes place on College premises.
Exceptionally it may be necessary for the Student Disciplinary Procedure to be invoked where it is alleged that a student has engaged in offences against students  or staff, or in activities that are likely to disrupt or otherwise adversely affect the conduct or reputation of the College.   This list above is not exhaustive, and other types of conduct may be subject to the Student Disciplinary Procedure.

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