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Responsibilities as a Student

To Enrol Promptly
You are required to term enrol in each academic session, even if you are only undertaking re-sit assessments. Your VLE access allows you to do this.

To Pay Fees On Time
You have a responsibility of ensuring that your fees are paid in full, even if the amount to be paid is through a Students Loan Company or a sponsor.
If you are experiencing any difficulties you should contact the Finance Department on 020 7553 0430

To Attend
It is your responsibility and in your interest to participate fully in the work of the programme through attendance at lectures, tutorials, practical classes and seminars.
If you are having problems attending please contact your Course Leader.

To Complete Work and Attend Examinations
It is your responsibility to hand-in assignment /work by the submission date given in your assignment brief and to attend examinations.
Examination timetables will be available approximately 4 weeks before the examinations are held.
If you find that any of your examinations are scheduled during a major religious festival which you observe, and you regard this as a problem, please talk to your Course Leader.
If you are unsuccessful in any of your assessments it is your responsibility to check the arrangements required for re-assessment.

To View Notice boards and Websites
From time to time information relating to your study will be posted on the notice boards or on the VLE. It is your responsibility to check these on a regular basis.

To Advise of a Change of Name, Address and contact details
If you change your contact number, home or term time address you must ensure that you advise the Student Services Centre immediately.

If you have changed your name please bring the relevant documentation as proof of the change to the Student Services Centre.

To Advise of any Difficulties or Personal Problems
If you are going to be absent from your course for any length of time you must advise the course administrators and your Course Leader as soon as possible. You will be advised on the course of action to take which may include an interruption of study, details of which can be found under the section “College Codes and Procedures”.

If you are experiencing personal problems you should talk to your Course Leader. You can also contact Student Services who operate a confidential counselling service.

To Advise of Intended Withdrawal
If you wish to withdraw from your course you must advise the Course Leader in writing, giving the reason for the withdrawal and the last date of attendance. You are responsible for the fees until written confirmation reaches the office.

The College is required to notify Home Office and other awarding bodies of a student’s withdrawal from a course.

To Observe the Regulations on Smoking on the Campus
Smoking is forbidden in all College buildings.

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