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Student Charter

As a student of CLC, your expectations are rightly as high as your ambitions.  The purpose of this Charter is to set out CLC’s commitment to the delivering of high quality services that will meet your expectations as our student, and maybe more while at the same time enabling you to realise your career ambitions.

The Charter has been drawn up after careful consultations within the College and will be informed by continual feedback from both students and staff alike. It is founded on integrity, respect and clear communications.  We intend to undertake annual reviews by listening and responding to the views of our students so that we can honour these commitments that are sure to add real value to CLC’s student experience.

In turn, the Charter captures what we expect of you as a student.  It outlines your own responsibilities and obligations as well as your rights.  We hope it will serve as a valuable reference point at all stages of your College education.

We can all, collectively and individually, play our part in creating a supportive and vibrant learning community.  This Charter embodies the principles which will help make your time at CLC even more productive, worthwhile and enjoyable.

The Charter is therefore a summary of mutual key expectations and is not a substitute for detailed information about the College.

Dr Shahzad Yousuf

Academic Director



Students can expect CLC to:
  • treat them and colleagues equally and respectfully by adhering to the spirit of our code of equality and diversity;
  • ensure a safe and secure study environment in accordance with the Health and Safety regulations;
  • promote the spirit of mutual respect, order and decorum within the College environment and between students and staff;
  • safeguard all personal information provided, in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.
The College aims to provide:
  • a safe, productive and effective learning community in which students will have the opportunity to develop their career ambitions and fulfil their potential;
  • an enhanced student experience through continual investment in our facilities and educational learning environment;
  • appropriately high standards of teaching and assessment, support, advice and guidance and regular continuing professional development for its staff;
  • a range of activities that will enhance employability and personal development;
  • support for your engagement and participation in academic development and programme management, including elections of student representatives;
  • access to sources of support such as counselling and advice on health and safety; accommodation; finance and careers;
  • information about access to IT facilities, libraries and learning resources such as workshops, access to buildings and other services.
As a student, you can expect:
  • programme information which details key contacts, assessment criteria, contact hours and mode of delivery;
  • with the exception of dissertations and exams, you will receive individual feedback on your assessed work within four weeks;
  • that you will have regular timetabled opportunities to meet with your tutor;
  • an induction to help familiarise you with the campus, introduce you to other students, and provide an introduction to your studies, available resources and key College contacts;
  • student handbook covering your programme and module details such as assessment criteria, contact hours, mode of delivery of the programme, examination arrangements together with general College guidance on regulations, academic and pastoral support, appeals and complaints procedures
  • payment options and deadlines and an estimate of all necessary additional costs such as materials, field trips and textbooks;
  • communication channels to help keep you informed and to provide feedback opportunities regarding academic programmes and services;
  • notice of changes to timetables in reasonable time through text message and email communication channels;
  • clear deadlines for assignments and timeframes for feedback on submitted work in programme information;
  • College information which details examination arrangements and regulations, academic guidance and support on appeals and complaints procedures.
In return you are expected to:
  • achieve near 100% attendance of your scheduled class and strive hard to achieve progression;
  • commit to deadlines and manage your time effectively, ensuring that you submit assignments by agreed dates and that you own your work;
  • be of good behaviour and treat staff and your fellow students equally and respectfully in line with the Student Handbook;
  • take responsibility for managing your own learning, attend induction and actively engage in your programme;
  • give full attention to all timetabled sessions and activities including all group tutorials;
  • attend meetings with tutors, scheduled classes, submit assessed work by stated deadlines, actively participate in feedback received and ensure you spend sufficient regular time in private study;
  • attend formal assessments at times determined by the College;
  • have passion, drive and determination to achieve the best possible;
  • inform the College of an absence due to medical reasons or other exceptional circumstances in accordance with the College attendance policy and programme-specific attendance policy;
  • have a willingness to undertake independent study and research;
  • engage with the information provided by the College taking full advantage of the services provided;
  • understand the terms and conditions of being a CLC student and obligations regarding fees and payments;
  • keep all your contact details up-to-date and inform the College immediately of any change in your contact details;
  • respect the physical environment of the institution, including learning and social accommodation and behave respectfully towards our neighbours and as a responsible member of the local community;
  • familiarise yourself with CLC policies and regulations including the regulations relating to the use of College’s IS Computer and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).


Please note that whilst the College has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the content within this Charter at the time of printing, it reserves the right to remove, vary or amend the content of it at any time.  For avoidance of doubt, the information provided within the content of this Charter is for guidance purposes.

The information contained in this Student Charter applies to all students enrolled at CLC and studying at a City of London campus, London, UK.

This Charter is not a legally binding contract and is not intended either to define or limit the legal rights and responsibilities of City of London College and each student.

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