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University students ‘fed up’ with more online lectures in autumn

University students ‘fed up’ with more online lectures in autumn

The past academic year has been one where many university students have felt isolated and angry about their experiences.

Online classes replaced classroom lectures and, despite lockdown easing, more universities are choosing to extend online lectures to the winter term.

“I’m just getting fed up of it,” Chris Adair, a first year law student at Manchester University, tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

“I’ve not met any of my lecturers, and very few people on what is a popular course.”

Chris isn’t alone, student unions have criticised the move, although the National Union of Students admits there “could be some benefits” to the mixed approach.

“That student-lecturer relationship is very important,” says 19-year-old Chris.

“Manchester University has told us they plan a “blended” learning approach – which of course doesn’t rule out remote studying.

“I would not accept that at all. I would be happy to do some of the core content online, because that’s the stuff that’s easiest to teach.

“Reading from a screen all day though kills your interest in a subject.”

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-57162217

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