Academic Appeals Procedure
Access and Participation Statement 2023/24
Admissions Policy
Anti-Bribery Policy
Assessment Policy BTEC Programme
Assessment Malpractice Policy
Attendance Monitoring Policy
Bullying and Harassment Policy
Class Attendance and Reporting Duties
Code of Practice on Governance, Administration and Academic Procedures
Code of Practice 3 CCTV Policy
Data Breach Code of Practice 4 Policy
Code of Practice on Governance, Administration and Academic Procedures
College Information Policy
Compensation Policy
Complaints Procedure
Conflicts of Interest Policy
Consumer Protection Statement 2023/24
Data Protection Policy
Data Protection Statement
Disability Policy Staff, Students, and Visitors
Environmental Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Fitness to Study Policy and Procedure
Freedom of Speech Policy
Health and Safety Policy
HESA Collection Notice
Internal Verification Policy and Procedure
IT Acceptable Usage Policy
IT Security policy
Learning and Teaching Policy
Prevent Policy
Privacy Policy
Responsibilities as a Student
Resources for Learning Policy
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
Reasonable Adjustments to Learning, Teaching, and Assessment for Disabled Students Policy
Refunds Policy
Records Management Policy
Student Conduct Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustment Policy
Staff Recruitment and Development Policy
Student Protection Plan 2023-25
Student Pregnancy Policy
Student Charter
Student Code of Conduct
Terms and Conditions
Tuition fee Refunds Compensation Policy
Use of Computer Rooms
Unconditional Offer
Widening Access & Participation Policy
Zero Tolerance Policy

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